Know the Tradition, Grow the Tradition!

Phase One of The Marching Virginians Center opened in the fall of 2015. The facility includes a lighted, artificial-surface rehearsal field, a 7,000 square foot pavilion for rehearsals (and celebrations!), and a building that includes instrument storage and restrooms.

After over forty years of practices being conducted in borrowed spaces, the MVs finally have a home. The years of muddy fields, cars being used as dressing rooms and storage facilities, and long lines for portable toilets are a thing of the past. The new Marching Virginian Center will provide a better experience for every student- musician who attends Virginia Tech.

Phase 2 may be many years away, but you can help plant the seed for the future of The Marching Virginians. What will Phase Two include? An ENCLOSED indoor rehearsal hall, not merely a pavilion, but a rehearsal hall that is acoustically designed to accommodate 330 enthusiastic woodwind, brass, and percussion players! Phase Two will add dressing rooms, sectional rehearsal rooms, and administrative areas. Imagine walking into a reception area that is a virtual showcase of the MVs! Imagine walking up to a large video display board, tapping the icon for YOUR YEAR, and seeing literally hundreds of pictures from your era!

We continue to GROW the tradition of The Marching Virginians! You can help!

If you'd like to become a part of the MV Building Project, please contact:
Janice Tawney, Interim Director of Development
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
260 Wallace Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061-8734
(540) 231-5130

You can follow our progress on our Facebook Page (you do not need an account to view this page!)


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will this project cost?

The total cost of Phase One was $4.75 million. Phase Two is projected to cost anywhere from $7-$9 million.

How do I contribute to the future?

Contact Janice Tawney at or (540) 231-5130 and she can help you with the process.

OR, if you know you're ready to donate RIGHT NOW, you have two options:
  • To make a multi-year pledge, print out this form and write Marching Virginians Practice Facility, Fund # 876044 in the designation section. Sign it, date it, and mail it to:
       Virginia Tech University Development (0336)
       903 Prices Fork Road
       Blacksburg, VA 24061

  • To make a one-time gift, visit

What if I can't afford much?

Any amount helps! And remember, you can pledge an amount over a period of up to 5 years.

Can I get Hokie Club credit for my donation?

Unfortunately, no. However, your gift will count towards the various giving societies at Virginia Tech, including the Pylon Society.

Are there naming opportunities within the building?

Yes, there are naming opportunities in both Phase One and Phase Two!